5 Tips for Organizing Jewelry While Traveling

Planning a trip, whether a local trip or a one abroad, requires you to consider many things, including your accessories. Even if you do not want to carry a lot of accessories, you will have to change your earrings or necklaces a few times. That means you need to be clear on what to take and how you’ll pack it.

In this article, we explore 5 tips for organizing jewelry while traveling. Read on to learn how you can travel to any destination and still keep your jewelry safe. Without the right tips, it is easy for your jewelry and other valuable accessories to get tangled or lost. Thankfully, you can pack,keep them safe and enjoy a great look every day.

Organizing Your Jewelry While Traveling

Keeping your jewelry well organized as you travel gives you the peace of mind you need to relax and have fun without worrying about losing precious jewels. But even before you organize them, pick your jewelry according to your travel outfits. Once you do that, you can go ahead to apply the following tips to keep your jewelry organized:

a) Use a Dedicated Jewelry Case or Roll

You require a dedicated bag for keeping your jewelry while traveling. It helps you make packing easy and ensures your jewelry is safe throughout your vacation. Depending on what you are carrying while traveling, you can choose a soft case or one with a tough exterior for resistance to damage.

Jewelry bags, cases, or rolls usually have well-designed compartments that help you organize and keep your diamond rings, studs, bands and others safely. That way, you stop any chances of damage or tangling as you travel. Note that for some travels, especially when you are going far, there are chances that your jewels can get tangled. If that happens, you risk causing damage or finding your valuables in a state you may not like.

b) Get Straws for Your Necklaces

Unlike other jewelry, necklaces are likely to get tangled if you do not organize them properly. To avoid such issues, the best way to organize your necklaces is to get straws. You need a straw for every necklace if you want to enjoy your travel and not get worried about tangling. It causes damage that can be frustrating. So, get sufficient straws to avoid such things.

Once you gather enough straws for the necklaces, carefully pull them and fasten the necklace clasp. That way, you secure your necklaces inside your bag. It also becomes pretty easy for you to identify them and pick the right ones for the type of attire that you have chosen to wear as you tour the world. You need perfect outfits to create memories.

You may have to trim the straws to the size of your necklaces in some instances. Note that necklaces vary in size, length, and other features. For proper organization, use straws that perfectly fit your necklaces. Further, ensure that your straws accommodate your thin necklaces for ease of threading them through when organizing your jewelry.

c) Use Appropriate Plastic Bags for Bracelets and Earrings


You will need a plastic storage bag to organize your earring studs, bracelets, plus chunky necklaces. Thankfully, such bags come in various sizes and are easily available. You only need to choose the most appropriate size that matches the size of your jewelry. Where you do not know what to choose, the best thing to do is ask for help. In doing so, you avoid causing unnecessary damage.

One great thing about plastic bags is that you can fit several stud earrings in one bag without causing any damage. You need separate bags for dangling earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Keeping them in such bags prevents tangling while traveling or organizing your luggage for travel.

d) Use a Pill Organizer for Small Jewelry

Packing small jewelry can be challenging unless you have the right bag or pill. Thankfully, there are small pill organizers to store small jewelry such as delicate necklaces, earrings, and rings. You can put all these in pill organizers if they are spacious enough to accommodate them.

If you carry multiple pairs of small jewelry, you can put them all in one compartment, provided they do not get tangled. If the space is not enough, the best way to organize your jewelry is to put each of them in a single compartment. That way, you avoid unnecessary tangling and enjoy your travel. Most importantly, you avoid losses arising from damage to your valuable earrings.

e) Put Your Jewelry in Your Bag’s Interior and Surround it With Soft Clothing

Never make the mistake of putting your jewelry in outside compartments of sections of your travel bag. It’s not safe, and you risk losing by dropping or even through burglary. It happens, and most people who lose their valuables are because they had kept them in the wrong places. You should not do that if you want to keep things intact as you travel.

The best place to put your jewelry is in the interior part of your bag, specifically at the center of it. But that is not all! Roll it up using clothing or soft material to provide a protective cushion. If you drop your bag accidentally, or bang around as you travel, your jewelry will not suffer damage. The cushion absorbs shock and keeps your jewelry safe and secure.


Undoubtedly, jewelry is part of fashion, and you need it even when traveling. You, however, need to be a little careful, especially when going for a vacation that involves a lot of physical activity. You can easily damage or tangle your jewelry if you are not careful. So, you need a few tips to guide your travel preparations to avoid such occurrences.

This article has shared 5 tips for organizing jewelry while traveling. Put them into practice the next time you plan for a trip, whether locally or internationally. You do not necessarily have to get expensive storage bags or items. You can use what you have and still keep your jewelry safe throughout your trip. All the best!


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