How to Convert PDF into Other Formats?

PDF is extensively used to share and save a wide variety of documents. As a result, you will see multiple types of documents encoded in this format. Furthermore, this file format is suitable for all, from an academic assignment to an eBook, a user manual, and an official document. Hence, you will rarely see any document shared through email or any other medium encoded in any other format unless instructed otherwise.

There are multiple reasons behind the frequent use of PDFs, such as flexibility, compatibility with various devices, content safety, and ease of sharing. All these reasons make it a go-to choice for people to share a document through email or any other medium. The only issue with PDF files is that they are non-editable. If you want to edit the content saved in a PDF file, you need to convert it into a suitable format.

For instance, if a PDF file consists of textual content and there is a need to edit it, you have to convert the file saved in PDF to Word first and then make necessary modifications to it. Similarly, if an Excel sheet is saved as a PDF, you have to convert it into XLS format to modify the data and figures saved in the Excel sheet. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to convert PDF to Word or any other format.

We have included useful details about various methods to convert PDF into other formats to help you in this regard. Further details are given below:

Manual Conversion

This method is all about converting PDF files into other formats manually. You have to scrap the content from the PDF file manually by copying it and then pasting it into the file of your desired format. However, there is a downside to this method. You will not be able to maintain the format and layout of the content used in the PDF file.

You can fix the formatting and layout of the content after pasting it into the file. However, this method will take ages and won’t effectively help you if you want to convert files from PDF to Word or any other format. This method will also take a lot of effort from your side and seriously affect your overall productivity. Hence, it is not a practical solution if you want quick results.  

PDF Converter App for Smartphones

If you are the one who performs plenty of tasks using a smartphone, then this method is going to be effective for you. Because of the PDF converter app, you will have the leverage of converting documents from PDF to Word or any other format on your smartphone without the restriction of place and time. Moreover, such an app will not only let you convert PDF to other formats but also allow you to convert the documents from other formats to PDF.

You will also get various PDF solutions with the app that will enable you to add pages to a PDF file, remove pages from it, rotate it, lock or unlock it, and even compress it. Hence, providing practical solutions to all the issues related to PDF files in one place. You only need one app on your smartphone, and you are ready to deal with PDF files anywhere and anytime.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Mind you, PDF is a brainchild of Adobe as it was the one to introduce the PDF file format to make the document-sharing process easier. It offers some effective tools that can provide users with multiple PDF solutions; Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is one of them. This tool allows users to quickly convert documents saved in PDF to Word and other formats, such as Excel and PPT.

The downside of this tool is it is not free to use. You have to bear the subscription charges of this tool, which can be costly if you don’t need PDF conversions frequently. Hence, we suggest you look for other cost-effective methods. However, if you are looking for a corporate solution, then it can be an effective solution capable of providing all PDF solutions in one place.

Online PDF Converter

Another effective method to easily convert PDF to Word or any other format is using an online converter. This method doesn’t require installing any app on your device, be it a smartphone or desktop, as it is available online and compatible with all devices. Additionally, there is no need to pay a costly subscription as such converters are totally free to use.

You simply need to upload the PDF file on the PDF to Word converter or import it from cloud storage platforms for conversion. Once you have imported the file, tap on the convert button. The converter will start converting the file, and you will get the converted version of the document quickly. You can immediately download the converted file and make the necessary modifications

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