India vs New Zealand white-ball series: match schedule details on Parimatch

Find out materials about the meetings between the Indian and New Zealand national teams, the schedule of competitions, the time, and the territory of the event. Ask for betting information and collect your rewards by registering on the Parimatch website. Make your entry on the blog link and win with us.

Upcoming cricket matches Ind vs NZ

The Indian team held their New Zealand tour with 3 ODI meetings, which were supposed to take place in March 2022, but the meeting was canceled due to the current situation. The rest of the White-Ball series, which includes 3 T20I matches and 3 ODIs, should take place soon. It is designed for the period after the T20. Before this, the World Cup tournament between the teams was not supposed. There is a high possibility that these teams will be able to play in Super 12 matches and, most likely, in competitions for passing to the next stage.

Considering that the T20 World Championship ends on November 13th, the White-Ball series, more familiar to us as the New Zealand tour of the Indian team, starts in 5 days, that is, on November 18th. The whole cycle lasts 12 days, from November 18th to 30th. Includes six meetings for this period. NZC reported that the Indian team would play against the Black Caps during the White-Ball series.

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