Kerala State Lottery: All you need to know


Among the most significant income inflows in the city comes from Kerala’s betting sites. There is a series of 7 daily and several bumpers drawn for state residents. Additionally, the Kerala government holds unique drawings on significant holidays, including Onam, Christmas, Dussehra, and Vishu. The lottery outcomes are drawn near Gorky Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, next to Bakery Junction.

The Kerala State Lotteries’ key facts and information about Kerala lottery results charts are listed below:

Is Kerala considered as a lottery state?

A lottery agency was established initially in India around 1967; Kerala has been the location. The great Shri. E. M. S. Namboodiripad, who served as Kerala’s General Minister then, had the right concept. By November 1 that year, the division, established in September, issued its first lotto ticket. The first reward of Rs. 50,000 was included on the Re 1 card. The agency currently runs six major lotteries annually and seven weekly games.

How many games are there?

The Kerala government holds six Mega Bumpers plus seven weekly lottery drawings yearly.

How much does a Kerala State Govt Lottery ticket cost?

The costs and rates for different Kerala State Govt Lotto Tickets are as follows: Pournami costs 40/-; Win costs 40/-; SthreeSakthi costs 40/-; Akshaya costs 40/-. Nirmal: 40, Karunya Plus: 40, and Karunya: 40 each. Bumper Lotteries – Latest Month Lottery Bhagya Mithra: 100/- Price ranges from 200 – 300 based on the reward amount.

How can I claim my Kerala lottery winnings?

Winners of prizes are required to turn in their winning tickets before 30 days, per the Kerala State lottery Department’s advice. Here is how the champions of all District Lotteries may collect their winnings: Winners can pick up their cash prize from whatever lottery store in Kerala with amounts less than Rs. 5,000. – With prizes worth further than 5000/-, recipients might need to present their cards to an institution or official lottery office along with identification to make a claim. Tax breaks provide a 30% standard deduction for Kerala lottery winnings and a 10% dealer commission.

Are Internet Kerala Lottery purchases permitted?

Kerala lotto is a print lottery that anybody may purchase, but only in Kerala.

How to Redeem a Prize in the Kerala Lottery?

After one month of the drawing, the lotto prize winner must turn in their winning ticket together with all required paperwork. After that, rewards up to one million rupees can be claimed at the relevant district lotto offices. However, prize-winning coupons over one lakh rupees must be returned to the Directorate of State Lotteries since being stamped with the paperwork mentioned earlier and bearing the prize victor’s signature, surname, and location on the reverse.

1. A claim form and a self-attested copy of the actual ticket back and front.
2. Two award finalists’ passport-size pictures were adequately authenticated by a Notary and Gazetted Officer.
3. Statement for the winnings in the required format, with the finalist’s complete address and a revenue sticker for 1/-. Its official website allows for the installation of this.
4. A custody certification from the appropriate authority is needed if the award winner is a child.
5. The “Joint Declaration” in the prescribed format costing $50 would be needed in the event of joint applications because one of the award recipients must have permission to accept the award money.
6. PAN Card copy with self-attestation.
7. A certified certificate proves the winner’s identification. (copies of ration cards, licenses, passports, voter identification cards, etc.).

The recipients may also use Nationalized, Scheduled, or Province Co-Operative institutions to collect their prize money.

The top prize must be presented to the institution with appropriate supporting documentation. The following certifications, a duplicate of which may be accessed from the leading site, must accompany the claim that the institutions submit to the Directorate of State Lottery tickets:

the prizewinner’s certificate of authorization
the recipient bank’s certificate
The institution’s certificate of collection





The prize packs of the Christmas New Year Lotto are picked in Jan. They are also occasionally drawn in Feb. A massive reward of Rs. 12 crores is awarded to the person with the excellent combination on their ticket.


The fortunate Summer Bumper Lottery players are chosen in March. Every ticket costs Rs 150, as the grand prize winner receives a whopping Rs 6 crores.
Its Monsoon Bumper Lottery, held annually in July, gives you the chance to win the jackpot of Rs. 5 crores for simply spending Rs. 200 on a winning ticket!
Its Pooja Bumper Lottery, which is held around the conclusion of each November, gives you the chance to win the top reward of Rs. 5 crores. They are held In Sree Chitra Hall in Thiruvananthapuram, the main Kerala State Prizes, including this bumper jackpot.


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