Most common uses of gold in our daily lives

Gold is widely used in various industries and sectors of the economy, from jewellery to electronics. In addition to serving as a vehicle for investment, the metal has a number of other uses. While the quantities of gold used in different applications vary the heavy usage of this metal certainly helps in ensuring that metrics such as the gold rate today in Coimbatore or Orissa continue to increase due to increasing demand. So, here are some of the most common and popular ways in which gold can be put to use which in turn makes it one of the most sought-after metals on earth:


  1. Jewellery and ornaments

Gold is a precious metal that can be used to make jewellery, ornaments and other objects. It has been used in this way for centuries and remains popular today. Most people agree that it has a beautiful appearance and can add value to any piece of jewellery or ornament you choose to create with it. In addition to its use as an ornamental material, gold is also used in electronics because of its ability to conduct electricity well. This means it can be used in many applications including electronics and computer parts.

  1. Investment

Gold bullion is an investment product which typically consists of bars or coins made from 99% pure gold bullion rather than other metals such as silver or platinum. These bars are traded on exchanges all over the world, making them a very liquid investment product with low correlations between different countries’ stock markets and currencies. Gold bullion investments are considered among the safest forms of investments available today because real assets back them; even during times of financial crisis investors can still turn to gold for security, as long as their bullion does not increase in value too far beyond inflation rates (which are usually lower than 10%).

  1. Electronics

Gold has been used in electronics since the 1930s when it was first used to make printed circuit boards (PCBs). Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat and doesn’t tarnish or corrode, making it a perfect material for electronics. It’s also anti-static, which means that it doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

  1. Healthcare

Gold is a popular choice for medical devices because it’s extremely hard-wearing and durable, making it a great choice for implants and other medical devices that are expected to last for several decades. Gold can be used as an alternative to platinum in dentistry procedures because of its antibacterial properties, which make it more suitable than platinum when dealing with sensitive tissue such as gums or teeth.

  1. Space technology

Gold is a key element in space technology, used in satellites and other equipment that requires a high level of stability. Gold-plated parts help make these devices resistant to dust, moisture and other harmful environmental factors.


Gold is also used for thermal insulation for spacecraft cooling systems. This prevents the inner workings of the space vehicle from overheating during long periods of time in orbit.


There are also many other uses for gold in satellites, including:


  • Communications with Earth: Gold has an electrical conductivity similar to copper but more than twice as strong.


  • Power supply systems: Gold-plated solar cells convert sunlight into electricity at an efficiency rate comparable to silicon solar cells.


With this knowledge of the use of gold in various industries, you can actually predict an increase or decrease in gold prices. You can confirm this by checking the gold rate today in Pune or for any other city whenever there is some news related to any of these industries and over time you will see a pattern for yourself.

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