Storm International: Thinking of the Future

According to experts, the gambling market expects significant growth in 2023. One of the industry leaders, Storm International plans to expand its business in the near future. Thirty years of experience and excellent results over the past years make it possible to take this step with confidence. 

2022 has been a challenging year for Storm International. But the results of the work of the brand team exceeded expectations. Most of the company’s business is located in Europe, including the Ukrainian segment. The war in Ukraine, of course, affected the work of the holding’s units. It would seem that it is impossible to achieve outstanding results in the current situation. But, in spite of everything, Storm International continued to work even in such conditions. A team of professionals showed a result that allowed us to look boldly into the future, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. 

One of the main components of success, of course, was the coordinated work of all divisions of the company. The purposefulness and creativity of each team member became the determining factors that allowed the company to achieve positive results. The brand managed not only to survive but also to build ambitious plans for its future expansion. 

The Ukrainian branch of the company made truly titanic efforts in their work. This deserves special mention. Young gambling complexes in Kyiv and Kharkiv did not work for several months. With the coordinated efforts of the team, it was possible to achieve the almost impossible – to resume the work of units at the pre-war level. This means that today and in the future, guests of Ukrainian complexes have the opportunity to enjoy an invaluable gaming experience. The brand guarantees comfortable playing and high-quality standards of services provided. 

The team of the Armenian branch can also look to the future with pride and optimism, Darren Keane from Shangri La expressed confidence. Opening Shangri La Yerevan in 2022 was not an easy task. But this was successfully dealt with. Last year’s achievements motivate the team to actively move into 2023. 

The Georgian branch of the brand is also aiming to reach new heights in 2023. Such expectations are quite justified. After all, in 2022 the company achieved phenomenal results. Over the 10 years of its existence, the complex has earned the invaluable trust of customers. The local complex is a landmark institution in the country, making a significant contribution to the development of the Georgian gambling business as a whole. The high level of competition raises the quality requirements in the industry.  

The Shangri La Tbilisi team is 100% ready for such a challenge. The more pleasant and important will be the future victories of the brand. As always, the complex stands out for the premium level of its services on the market. 

The German units of the brand did not stand aside from the overall success. The results for 2022 were quite optimistic. This allows the company to count on a decent performance in 2023. The potential of the local market is very good and the brand plans to take full advantage of this by expanding its representation. 

The brand’s virtual project, Shangri La Live is also sure to reach a new revolutionary level in 2023. The difficulties of 2022 did not become an obstacle to the rapid growth of the online platform. In 2023, site users are waiting for new offers – the best games, tempting promotions, profitable types of bets in the bookmaker, and innovative tables in the Shangri La live casino. 

The Storm International team is on track to expand in 2023. Many years of experience and achievements over the past year inspire optimism. It is clear that the company expects even more success in the gambling industry in the future. 

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