The Technology Behind the Live Casino online in India

All of us love live casino online India games, don’t we? Such is the charm of a live casino- it provides you with the environment and ambience associated with land casinos and it also shields you from the disadvantages associated with the same. But what exactly is a live casino?

Live Casinos India | What are They?

Live casinos are a more recent type of online gambling that mimics the in-person experience. Players may play from the comfort of their own homes while benefiting from a live casino’s greater rate of payback.

It is a complete online casino experience with games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. However, instead of being played in a video game manner, the games are played with actual dealers, real wheels, and real cards.

These virtual casinos are interesting because players may interact with a human dealer in real time via computers or mobile phones. If a player has a query, the live chat will assist them in resolving their issue.

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Crucial Components of Top Live Casinos

A handful of technological advances were needed to make Indian live casinos viable. First and foremost, live video games need more bandwidth. With faster 4G and 5G mobile networks on the way, iGaming companies now have the technology to transmit live casino games over the internet.

Client devices also needed to be upgraded. With over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide, that front is covered. As a result, you may automatically play on other devices such as tablets, laptops, and personal computers as long as you have a good internet data connection. Only after these barriers were overcome that live casino could gain a foothold in the imagination of online casino gamers worldwide.

Now, let us discuss the components of Live casino games that are important for their functioning.


The majority of online live casinos generally include three rooms, each of which is essential to the game. These include the live studio, the analyst room, and the software room. A monitor, microphones and cameras will be present in the live studio along with the actual, live dealer. The analyst room maintains track of players, and their bets, and ensures that nobody is cheating, while the software room ensures that everything is operating without a hitch.


Modern streaming cameras are typically utilized for the best live casinos online, and they are strategically placed so you can focus on the dealer without being distracted, maximizing the seamless transitions to fully immerse you in gameplay. The majority of websites contain a section where commonly asked questions regarding the amazing technology used in games may be discovered.

The game is far more complicated than classic casino games because cameras will switch between various areas of the room and bonus games will cause wheels to spin, and so on.


The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, which scans what the camera sees and then cross-references it with its accessible data, is an incredibly crucial aspect of live dealer casino action. This means that everything the camera sees, as well as any information critical to gameplay, is instantly displayed on your screen.

This software is also necessary for the Game Control Unit, which is connected to each table. The Game Control Unit encrypts the visual feed and processes information from OCR software. The live casino would not function without it.


The processing of the games and broadcasting them to your device both require the use of computers. The dealer will be able to converse with players and guide them through the game thanks to the monitor in front of them. Additionally, there will be computers equipped with all the necessary software for managing wagers and payouts and ensuring fair, slick, and dynamic gaming.


The dealers are crucial in live casino games, just like in traditional casinos. To prevent online players from feeling left out, a dealer participating in a live casino game broadcast must manage the game.

Every typical casino employs knowledgeable dealers familiar with the game’s regulations. For the greatest player experience, certain casinos educate new dealers. A smart card is often used to track the dealer’s behaviour.


The live casino room likely features a wheel, depending on the games that are offered. The majority of wheels feature built-in sensors that the casino software interfaces to monitor player-dealer interactions for security purposes. Casinos collaborate with significant casino setup manufacturers.

In live casinos, wheels like the Roulette wheel are frequently digitalized so that outcomes may be transmitted to you instantly. Real wheels are frequently employed, however, the usage of a Random Number Generator (RNG) is frequently depended upon to maintain gameplay that is more seamless, effective, and immersive by generating speedier outcomes.

Micro-chipped Cards

In live dealer casino games, the majority of card decks are chipped. This implies that the outcomes are processed instantly and transmitted in real-time to your smartphone as the dealer deals, shuffles, and responds to a player’s request with the cards.

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Why Live Casino Gaming is a Worthy Experience

What makes the live casino experience unique is technology made to seem more natural. The personal connection provided by live casino dealers is what distinguishes them. Live dealers receive the same training as those who work on the ground. The impact that actual people have demonstrates that people have not entirely given up on technology.

Live casinos in India are a great way to fully experience the action without having to leave the comfort of your home. Its technology is significantly more accessible and secure than a typical brick-and-mortar establishment.

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