Why Are Poker Tournaments Getting Popular? 

Why Are Poker Tournaments Getting Popular? 

When we talk about playing poker, tournaments are currently the most famous way of doing so. Participants in poker tournaments pay an entry fee and then compete for a percentage of the prize pool, which makes them different from cash games. For the competition, blind levels can rise and drop predictably. The official way of concluding a tournament is only when a participant has the whole of their chips.

Biggest Poker Tournament in India

Indian Poker Championship: The Indian Poker Championship (IPC) is a yearly poker event held in Goa, India, since 2010. The organizers are Spartan Poker, an organization that also offers online poker. The core of the IPC activities is the “Main event”, which occurs annually.

One of the globe’s most prominent poker players and internet sensation Dan Bilzerian has also attended the Indian Poker Championship. Since 2011, the IPC has presented the Player of the Year award to the best players, who receive free entry to all the IPC tournaments throughout the year. The following and one of India’s largest tournaments are the Deltin Poker Tournament and Baazi Poker Tour.

If you want to earn real money playing poker, tournaments are the best way of doing it. But to win those tournaments, you must know the basics and poker patterns that can make you a winner. 


Poker Patterns that Make You a Better Player

Since online poker games have taken the front seat, many participants are getting into the poker domain with a fast get-to-wealthy mindset. But let us tell you one thing, it’s a game of skills and logic, and luck comes in last.Learning regulations is the primary factor. But when you grasp that, to be an even better player, you need to stay 1 step ahead of your fellow participants while keeping an in-depth eye on them. 

You need to learn these three types of poker patterns-

  1. Poker pattern to be a better player
  2. Poker pattern to avoid losing 
  3. Betting pattern


Poker Patterns to be a Better Player

  • Be aggressive, be careful but don’t be too cautious. Being too cautious makes you look weaker than other players.
  • Pay attention to the pot and your opponent to boost your prediction power.
  • Double check the winning order in poker.
  • Read your cards accurately.

Poker Pattern to Avoid Losing

  • Manage your bankroll, set limits, and don’t lose your hard-earned money.
  • Play with solid hands only
  • Avoid unnecessary fold

Betting Pattern

  • Hands played in the given time.
  • Hand they are showing 
  • Check to raise
  • Aggressive after and before the flop
  • The equal bet amount as the flop is placed
  • Keep a close eye on the River

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