The Art of Finding the Right Footwear

The Art of Finding the Right Footwear

Footwear has evolved out of the cliché concept of protective gear for feet and has emerged to be one of the crucial fashion staples irrespective of gender. Footwear, especially shoes serve a crucial role in completing the total look of anyone and everyone. Along with being an inevitable fashion essential, shoes also serve their essential function of protecting the soles of feet better than ever.

Numerous established apparel production firms have shifted their focus towards the footwear industry for all the waves that they are creating. Although footwear is an umbrella term used to represent all kinds of pieces worn on the feet and all of them are equally in demand across the world, shoes, enjoy a special place on the fashion map and history. Offering both casual and formal looks, shoes are one of the most flexible items that anyone can have in their wardrobe and also one of those items that can make or break an outfit.

With the rise in demand and popularity of shoes in the market, the number of options to choose from has also increased significantly. Anyone who takes a glance at the market with the hope of purchasing a shoe will be bombarded with countless choices and amidst all these options, people often place comfort in the backseat and suffer later. This is why finding the most suitable shoe for one’s liking and personal comfort is of great importance. Along with comfort, there are several more features that constitute a great shoe.

What to look for while purchasing a shoe?

While it is true that comfort, budget, etc. are the most important things when it comes to purchasing a new pair of schoenen, some more features may seem trivial but can make a huge difference in the experience caused by the shoes.

Construction of the shoe:

The construction of the total building of a shoe is of extreme importance as it is what provides strength and durability to the shoes. The shoe should be checked from top to bottom till the sole and should closely check whether the construction happens to be flimsy and weak. If the material does not feel strong enough, it is likely that over time, the shoes might not hold their shape and will soon be subject to wear and tear. The seam of the shoes has to be checked for any possible missing parts as it all affects the quality and longevity of the shoe.

The thickness of the sole:

The sole is the crucial part of a shoe and the part which serves the essential function of the shoes as protective gear. The sole needs to have a particular thickness so that the feet can have a cushioned effect and can be protected from severe impacts. If the sole happens to be thin or flimsy, chances are high for the feet to be subjected to anything sharp or hard and cause injuries. Two kinds of soles are available in the shoes today. One of the shoes stitches the sole with the rest of the shoes whereas the other one glues the sole part with the shoe. The ones that are stitched are maintaining a higher quality than the glued ones. Also, it is advisable for people who are exposed to difficult terrains or are employed in work sites where sharp and brittle objects are present to buy a shoe with a hard sole. 


Finding the right kind of shoe:

Shoes offer much more when it comes to designs and builds. Numerous kinds of shoes are currently available in the market which serves various purposes. The person who buys the shoes is supposed to be completely aware of the purpose for which the purchase is being done.  According to the purposes that they serve, there are sports shoes, boots, slip-resistant shoes, sneakers, etc.

Sneakers: Sneakers are one of the casual options when it comes to shoes. They are ideal to be worn with casual outfits like jeans, shorts, etc. 

Boots: Boots are strong and sturdy kinds of shoes that are mostly used in rough and harsh terrains. They are bigger than regular shoes and protect the feet better than any other type of shoe.

Sports shoes: several shoes are available in the market that is known as athletic shoes or sports shoes which suit the people who have an athletic flair and plays a sport at least three times a week. These shoes are designed to fit harsh athletic usage and thus, come with a comfortable and flexible fit along with a textured sole for better grip.

With an understanding of the various types of shoes, the buyer should ideally be able to find the right shoes for his or her requirement.

Finding the right seller to buy from:


Even if a buyer happens to know nothing of the above-mentioned aspects of purchasing a shoe, finding the right seller could easily resolve this problem of unawareness for him or her. The right kind of seller would educate the buyer on the various options available and also provides them with the best quality footwear.

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